Precise Platforms Unveils Marcomms Research, Intelligence Outfit, Precision Point

Precise Platforms has announced the launch of its research and intelligence arm, Precise Point.

According to the Managing Consultant, Precise Platforms, Mr. Bolaji Okusaga, Precise Point was initiated out of the desire to ameliorate the high operational costs of firms in an era of aggressive struggle for minds and market as well as to meet the needs of the ever-changing consumer expectations and increasing market sophistication.

The platform, comprising the media monitoring and measurement, and trend spotting and analytics units is designed to help businesses map routes to market and customer insights, customize behaviour based on research insights, and identify new sources of connection and value for Companies and Brands.

The company had in the past few months put together a technical team that developed some proprietary tools to aid the research dynamisms of the units.

The Brandteon craws news from blogs and social media platforms, The Trendteon, on the other hand, is an analytical tool for campaign and influencer management, while the Precise Tracker is used for media monitoring and campaign measurement.  

These algorithm-based media information pull on company, competition, industry and policy, and measure impact and sentiments as well as do comparative analysis. The information from Customers, Industry and other Critical Stakeholders, are orgainsied into strategic solutions, tailor-made to serve client’s needs.

Mr. Okusaga has also noted that in the next two years, Precise Point will evolve into a full-blown company, independent of Precise Platforms, churning out structured market and policy reports, as well as build an on-point research and data analytics comparable to the works of Euromonitior, Cision, Meltwater, amongst other internationally acclaimed research, media monitoring and campaign management agencies around the world.

The company’s intelligence unit has been providing research services before this official launch. Its clients include, AOS Orwell, Amazon Energy, MOMAN Group, Nestoil and OCP Africa.

Precise Point has also created a portal, www.precisepoint.net, to ensure easy access to its products and services. The portal provides investors and policy makers with the opportunity to read or download its bespoke research publications on the different sectors of the economy, as well as subscribe to receive periodic intelligence updates. 

The Senior Research Analyst in the firm, Mr. Chidozie Uzoma-Nwosu took guests through the platform, showcasing the different researches the firm has carried out and the different firms that have engaged them. He stated that Precise Point is equipped with the right people and materials to deliver structured analysis that speaks to the needs of the clients.

Answering questions about how the platform will generate income since its researches online are assessed free of charge, Mr. Uzoma-Nwosu stated that that is part of the services Precise Point intends to give free of charge and that it is also a way of letting clients know what the firm can deliver. It is also part of the firm’s corporate social responsibility. 

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