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Midwest Nigeria dissociates self from Oduduwa, Biafra agitations in Video

As the agitation for self-determination continues to spread in Nigeria, a new region said it has found the need to speak up for itself and define its identity as unique and separate from other regions in the country.

In a video circulated on social media, the Mid-western Peoples’ Movement (MPM) said its explanatory video has become necessary to put the record straight especially in the face of the recent agitations for self-determination by different regions in the county.

According to the video seen by RovingNaija, spokesperson for MPM, Olorogun Theodore Ochuko Arayki said the video exists to “underline its identity as a distinct entity, separate from Oduduwa (Yoruba) and Biafra (Igbo/Southeast) groups and make some clarifications about its Coat of Arms.”

It further stated that given the recent calls for self-actualisation by some regions, the group seeks to emphasis that it does not wish to be lumped together with any other region for political expediency now or in the future.

“We are the indigenous people of the Midwest, which is the only region that was created by a referendum which places it(us) in the best position to walk out of the Nigerian union by the same referendum,” it said.

The video however did not state categorically that the Midwesterners intend to leave the Nigerian union but the subtlety in the statement of the spokesperson may not be lost on many Nigerians.

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