Stop buying Fulani Herdsmen Cows, Pete Edochie tells Igbos

Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has admonished Igbos to stop buying Northern cattle and purchase local cows in order to quell the crisis between Farmers and Herdsmen.

Edochie called on governors and senators from the South-East to be proactive and make available land for people to rear cattle locally instead of buying from the North.

“I believe that putting in place a rule that anyone who wants to host some kind of ceremony in Ala Igbo must use Igbo cows instead of Fulani herdsmen’s cows would help to resolve the region’s rising crisis,” Pete Edochie said.

He challenged Eastern governors and members of the House of Representatives to strive to do what the people want rather than focusing solely on their interests. He disclosed that Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe was the only public office holder speaking up for the Igbos.

He criticised office holders from the South-East adding that they were not speaking for their people who are being oppressed. (Politics Nigeria).

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