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Insecurity: President Buhari is playing Politics with Nigerians – Gov. Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s approach to tackling the security situation in the country, saying that the president is not sincere with Nigerians.

Gov. Wike who spoke on Tuesday at the commissioning of the Oduofor Akpoku-Umuoye road in the state, Insists that the success or failure of the security architecture of the country falls on the shoulders of the president and not state governors.

He made a strong case for the devolution of powers as one of the panaceas to the current dire security situation in the country which he says is worsening with each passing day.

“During our last meeting with the President on the security challenges we are facing in our various states, he said we should go home and solve our security problems ourselves.

“And I ask myself, how can the president say so? Who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?

“You (Mr. President) appoints all service chiefs while we don’t appoint anybody;

nobody is under us, so how do we solve the security problems,” he asked.

Mr. Wike said that devolution of power is one route to go in unlocking the door to a more responsive security network which is capable of tackling challenges as swiftly as possible by cutting off the unnecessary government bottlenecks in the chain of command.

“Mr. President should allow us to pick who will be the commissioners of police for instance and other commanders working directly in our states.

“Because, if I call my CP (Commissioner of Police), he will ask me to hold on for him to clear with the IG (Inspector General), and the IG will say, ‘let me clear with oga’ (President Buhari).

“This is all politics, its all about shifting the goal post in the middle of the game,” he lamented.

Also, at the event, former Senate president, David Mark commended Governor Wike for his efforts in populating Rivers State with people oriented projects.

He said the Governor’s vision has endeared him to his people such that he can walk the streets unmolested.

He says the PDP is proud of the legacies of the governor as a torchbearer for the party.

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