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FG gives conditions for reversal of Twitter suspension

The Federal Government (FG) says it is ready to lift the suspension placed on the global microblogging site, Twitter, if the citizens of Nigeria are willing to use the platform responsibly.

The FG made its position know through the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema, who spoke during a meeting with the Envoys of partner countries in Abuja on Monday.

At the meeting were the Envoys of the United Kingdom (UK), United States (US) and the European Union (EU).

Onyema said that it is the responsibility of the government to protect law, order and human rights. He also spoke about the responsibility that comes with responsible use of the medium

“The condition would be a responsible use of the social media…

“We are not saying that Twitter is threatening the country or any such thing…Why we have taken this measure is to stop them from been used as platforms for destabilization and facilitation of criminality or encouragement of criminalities.

Responding on behalf of the diplomats, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mary-Beth Leonards said the US is hopeful that Nigeria will succeed in finding solutions to its problems saying that all challenges have solutions.

“We are Nigeria’s strong partners and are we are aware of the security challenges that Nigeria is currently facing which are daunting.

“While they are daunting, they are not insurmountable and part of the way to surmount them is through partnership of the people you see represented here.

“We are here as partners who want to see Nigeria succeed. We want to see this country unified, peaceful and prosperous and that’s how all of our activities are arranged.” She said.

Leonard also spoke about freedom of expression against the backdrop of the ban placed on Twitter operations in Nigeria.

“We affirm our position that free access to the ability to express oneself is actually very important and perhaps more important in troubled times.” She said.

Meanwhile, the opposition Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) has condemned the FGs decision to summon Foreign Diplomats of the suspension place on the operations of Twitter in the country.

The party said that the FG has no right to summon the envoys.

The party made good its position on the Twitter ban when some PDP lawmakers staged a walkout during plenary on Tuesday.

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