Gov Obaseki reaches out to private sector to boost revenue drive in Edo State

The Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has reached out to professionals in the state to expand its tax net towards assisting his administration deliver on its mandate.

Obaseki made the appeal in Benin during a meeting with the Edo State Transmission Committee.

He said his administration must serve the people of the state and justify the mandate given to it, while educating them on the need for taxation.

“We are in government to serve you; we want you to join us and make Edo great again.

“So, without the commitment and collaboration of these different professional groups, there is not much that we can do because right now, we spend almost N40 billion a year in paying people’s salaries and all sources of emolument.

“In the past, we used to get that amount from oil revenue and now, that amount will have to be paid by taxes from you.

“Therefore, should you not have an input? Should you not have a say? And that say, should it just be about criticising the government?

“Truly speaking, if we do not build institutions, if we continue in the old ways, trying to build super stars and strong men, we will have no future, because these strong men will die, then what now happens?

“The money is no longer there as it used to be. The money is with you; it is with us Nigerians.

“Nigerians have more money than Nigeria. It is the money of Nigerians that will develop Nigeria. It is the money of Edo people that will develop Edo,” he added.

“The government can do so much and you have seen what we are trying to do with the little resources that we have. I know how much we can achieve.

“There is a need for all stakeholders to change their attitude towards contributing to good governance,” he said. Agency report

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