Nigerian IT company and French School partner on Artificial Intelligence

A Nigerian-American Information Technology (IT) company, Coven Works, has secured collaboration with a French School in Paris to help Nigerians advance learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business and Ethics.

Mr Olusola Amusan, Chief Executive Officer of Coven Works, disclosed this on Monday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja.

Amusan said the institution, Aivancity School for Technology, Business and Society, Paris-Cachan, Paris, was built around three cores of the 21st century, which are AI, Business and Ethics.

He said that the school focused on developing the capacity of humans and organisations to address economic and social challenges related to the exploitation of data and AI’s potential.

“Globalisation is forcing companies to hire humans from all countries in highly skilled occupations like, Data Science and AI, hence the need for these sorts of partnership with a top French institution.

“Most business schools have rigid admission requirements, they mostly require that students have a background in certain fields before admission can be guaranteed but, our partner is open to students from various disciplinary backgrounds like literary, economy, science and more.

“The school offers an Update Guarantee that enables graduates to return to take courses and continue to have access to online courses, media library and many resources even upon graduation.

“This largely contributes to accomplishing the mandate of the school’s value which provides a guide to graduates throughout their professional career and strengthening their professional integration,” Amusan said.

He further mentioned that the school offered the Grande École programme (higher education programme) which included a course Building Fundamentals & Deepening knowledge of AI handled by Microsoft.

According to him, the course span for two years with a third year of an apprenticeship programme.

Amusan, however, said that the course was open to persons with a background in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer science, Engineering Sciences, Economics or Management, issued by an international higher education institution.

He further explained that admissions into the second year of the Grande École Programme, would admit graduates with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Economics and Management from any business or engineering schools.

“The third year of such programme is offered as an apprenticeship or professionalism contract in study-work dual system manner, with tuition fees paid by the host company.

“Another programme is a Bachelor of Science on Applied AI which also runs for three years and admissions are open to students holding a general university Bachelor’s degree or any other international diploma.

“More programmes include a Master’s of Science in Machine Learning for Business Intelligence and this includes a one week trip to Silicon Valley.

“There is also a continuing professional development certification for companies and public organisations, customised in a remote model,” the CEO said.

He said that others courses include Certifications in Data science and Modelling, Neural Network and Deep Learning, AI and Data Science for Managers, AI and Data Science for Marketing, as well as AI and Big data Management for Chief Information and Technology Officers.

He added that the organisation was helping Nigerians to facilitate careers in the available courses,while they could log on http://www.Covenworks.com/aivancity for more information.

Mr Tobi Ricketts, Regional Manager, Aivancity School, expressed belief that Africa would be the next frontier of digital revolution in the world.

According to Ricketts, this is already evident in ground breaking solutions developed by talents in Africa and huge talent acquisition by major players in tech.

“The heart of Aivancity’s development work in Africa is contributing to the preparedness of its teeming talents for technological and societal impacts, and development of responsible practices in AI.

“Our partnership with Coven Works, one of the leading AI boot camps in Nigeria is evidence of our commitment to achieve these audacious goals”.

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